Bavarian Challenge in Tralee Park


‘Wieg’ on in Tralee Park – Bavarian Challenge in the Park 

Siamsa Tíre has been collaborating with Bayern Tourism on a Bavarian cultural exchange which is now coming to Kerry on the 19th and 20th July.  It is calling on all locals and visitors to Tralee to rock out and take part in two dance challenges that will be filmed and produced for a German cultural exchange campaign in social media and YouTube that will go live at the end of August.  

The first Dance Challenge takes place on Wednesday 19th July at 8pm in the theatre of Siamsa Tíre. Bavarian dancer Katharina Mayer needs an enthusiastic audience to support her as she takes on the challenge of learning the traditional Irish Munnix dance step unique to Siamsa Tíre.  Katharina will take to the stage with National Folk Theatre cast to learn and perform a dance from the production of Fado Fado – its first production dating back over 50 years. If you want to get involved, arrive at the theatre from 7.30 – 7.50pm the latest – once filming starts you won’t be able to get access! 

If you prefer to get involved, rather than watch, and want a fun family cultural activity, join the second Dance Challenge on Thursday 20th July. Meet at the Rose of Tralee Memorial statue at 12 noon in Tralee Town Park and join famous Bavarian dancer Katharina Mayer to learn traditional Bavarian dance and you can ‘Wieg, Wieg, Wieg’ or rock your way through the park Bavarian style.      

Bavarian dance pays no heed to dress style, age, social class or culture. Together, people from all backgrounds dance, spin, clap, stamp, jump and bow in time to the music. The formula is simple: watch for a while then join in. These smooth couples’ dances are so easy that everyone can learn how to do them in no time. And experience for themselves an enjoyable piece of Bavarian tradition.

The aim of this cultural exchange is to show the Irish attitude to life, hospitality and diversity. The first part of the exchange involved sending members of the National Folk Theatre as our Irish ambassadors across to Germany in June to meet colleagues who have a similar creative understanding to their own. With like-minded people, their creative minds exchange ideas about traditions and their modern interpretations, to learn from each other, and forge new friendships, in order to maintain cohesion across European countries – a creative and cultural exchange that is intended to show how beautiful Ireland, Germany, Europe is to the world and how diverse and creative our countries are.  

Irish Ambassadors from the National Folk Theatre, Anne O’Donnell and Derwin Myers took part in the annual Munich Festival in June and took on a food and dance challenge live in front of festival goers. Likewise, during Katharina’s visit, she too will take on an Irish food challenge and learn Irish dance in exchange for teaching her Bavarian dance to locals.   

The project will be produced in Germany and promoted on social media and publicity channels by Bayern Tourism and Tourism Ireland so if you want to take part in this cultural exchange and feature in this international cultural documentary then join Siamsa Tíre on the 19th and 20th July.   

Show your Support (times to remember): 

Wed 19th July – 7.30pm for 8pm: Be part of audience for Irish Dance Challenge/Performance – Bavarian Dancer Katharina Mayer joins National Folk Theatre on Siamsa Stage

Thurs 20th July – 12 noon-1pm: Outdoor Bavarian Dance Challenge in Tralee Town Park (meeting at Rose of Tralee Memorial)