Community Fundraising

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Siamsa Tíre supports the fundraising efforts of community groups through our "adopt a show" scheme.

Here at Siamsa Tíre, we are delighted to help our local community with their fundraising efforts. One of the best ways of doing that is by ‘adopting a show’.

Here’s How It Works In A Nutshell

When a group ‘adopts’ a show, Siamsa Tíre agrees to sell an allocated number of tickets to that group at a discounted price. The group then sells those tickets at full price, with the difference going towards the cause they are fundraising for.

Here’s How It Works In More Detail

At the outset, we allocate the tickets from our box office system at full price and provide a code that the fundraising group can promote. These tickets are sold to invoice on our ticketing system under the name of the group’s representative, which means no cash is exchanged at this point. The tickets are then sold directly online, with supporters using the fundraising code.

If you sell your full allocation of tickets, Siamsa Tíre’s Box Office will be in touch to let you know. You then settle up with Siamsa Tíre at the discounted price we have previously agreed upon. You can do this by cash, credit card, or cheque.

Unsold tickets will be returned to our system for sale to the public.

What Happens On The Night Of The Show?

Groups are welcome to set up an information stand in our bar/foyer area an hour before the show they have adopted to spread the word about their cause. Some groups choose to sell raffle tickets in the bar area during the interval or after the performance as an additional fundraising measure.

We are happy to facilitate this as long as the materials are appropriate, we have agreed them in advance, and they do not disrupt the event itself or the interval timings.

Groups are also welcome to stay on in the bar area after the event to socialise or to add further elements which reflect or promote their cause.

How Do I Adopt A Show?

Please contact our Marketing Manager Michelle Murphy on and provide details of:
  • The nature of your group
  • What you’re fundraising for
  • Who your community of supporters are (demographics)
  • What your time frame for fundraising is
  • How many tickets you hope to sell

This will allow us to open the discussion with you about whether we would be a suitable match and can offer an event to suit.

We only have a limited number of events for which we can assign tickets to a fundraiser, and we try hard to ensure there is a good match between your group and the content of the show. For example, it might be inappropriate to match you with a classical music event if most of your supporters are teenagers. It wouldn’t benefit either party if the match wasn’t right. So, we may not have a suitable event to offer you within your timeframe. However, we will keep your interest on file just in case another opportunity arises.