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Siamsa Tíre sustains Ireland's folk culture by passing on our heritage and traditions to the next generation through the National Folk Theatre Training Academy.

Training with the National Folk Theatre

The strength of Siamsa Tíre’s performing company lies in the extended Community Cast who have trained and performed with the company over more than fifty years. Most members of the 100 strong cast have been specifically trained from childhood, to perform on stage with the company in the unique Siamsa idiom.

Ireland’s culture, heritage, language, stories, dance, and music are at the heart of Siamsa Tíre’s theatre company. Along with sharing Ireland’s rich tradition and folklore with widespread audiences, Siamsa Tíre is passionate about fostering new talent. It is here that students’ talents are trained in the unique Siamsa Tíre style for three years, after which they receive the opportunity to train further to perform on the Siamsa Tíre stage and at outreach performances. For any student with an interest in the traditional arts, theatre, music, singing or dancing, auditioning for Siamsa Tíre is a golden opportunity.

Students who have completed the training offered by Siamsa Tíre have gone on to achieve national and international success as performers, including John Fitzgerald, Sarah Jane Drummey, Justin Walsh, Paula Murrihy, David Geaney.

Child Artist

2024 Auditions

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Training Schemes for Children (7-12 Years)

Folk Theatre classes offer an educational training programme where children are trained in Irish dancing, traditional singing and drama with a view to performing on the Siamsa Tíre stage and at outreach events. Classes take place weekly from September to June with fees due on registration. 

Child Artists