Folk Programme at Siamsa Tíre

Siamsa Tíre celebrates Irish folk culture in rhythm with the Celtic Calendar through our hosted programmes, our National Folk Theatre Training Academy, cultural exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, and our spectacular summer performances.

Celtic Calendar

We present celebration events following the Celtic Calendar of Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Bealtaine, Litha, Lughnasa, and Mabon to remind us of the ancient roots of our folk culture.

Summer Festival of Folk

Siamsa Tíre presents an annual Festival of Folk from May to September, with performances, workshops and exhibitions celebrating traditional Irish folk music, song, storytelling, and dance.

Folk Projects

We organise and facilitate projects and events which aim to bring people together to explore, share and celebrate Irish Folk Culture and Traditions.

Trad Connections

In this monthly concert series, we showcase some of the most exciting talent emerging in Irish traditional folk music.

Associate Artists

During the pandemic, this scheme provided support to nearly 40 artists, commissioning them to create artworks exploring Irish folk culture and traditions from a multitude of perspectives.

Tours, Workshops, Exhibitions

Connect with traditional Irish culture and choose from a range of guided tours and workshops, helping you to explore our exhibitions, backstage, and our history.

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Alma Kelliher, composer, sound designer, and electro-folk solo act Lux Alma

Associate Artist Alma Kelliher's piece of music, To The Sea, celebrates the beauty and power of the Atlantic coastline of Kerry.

Munnix Dance with Jonathan Kelliher

Siamsa Tíre's Artistic Director and dance master, Jonathan Kelliher explains the history of the unique North Kerry 'Munnix' style of dancing

Folk Event News

Meet Daidí na Nollag (Santa) at Siamsa Tire

This year sees Santa Claus (Daidí na Nollag) coming to Tralee and visiting Siamsa Tíre, for the first time, for a traditional Irish Christmas experience for all the family. Opening on Friday 1st...

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Siamsa Tíre Announces Young Curators 2023

Siamsa Tíre this week announces Máirtín Ó Cathasaigh and Greta Curtin as the two young people who will join the NASC Network Young Curators programme for 2023/24.  Siamsa Tíre and its partner...

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Bavarian Challenge in Tralee Park

‘Wieg’ on in Tralee Park – Bavarian Challenge in the Park  Siamsa Tíre has been collaborating with Bayern Tourism on a Bavarian cultural exchange which is now coming to Kerry on the...

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