Folk Homecoming Exhibition

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‘Folk Homecoming Exhibition’ by The NFT: May-Sept 2023

The Folk Homecoming Exhibition takes place every year from May to September and tells the story of the beginnings of the National Folk Theatre of Ireland in 1968 and brings visitors right up to present day. In 2023 the exhibit ran from May-20th Sept 2023.


The exhibition showcased how The National Folk Theatre have explored and developed our local traditions of music, song, dance, and storytelling while also celebrating the diversity and richness of those traditions.

The exhibition was free to enjoy during opening hours, or visitors could arrange a guided tour with one of our Folk Theatre cast to get their personal perspective on what makes our theatre such a special and important home for Irish Folk Culture and traditional Irish arts.


The Folk Homecoming Exhibition will reopen in May 2024. The Guided Tours are still available to enjoy all year round and will showcase a small section of The Folk Homecoming Exhibition. Please visit our Events Page for more information on the tours.

Exhibited from May-20th Sept 2023 with free entry, no booking required.