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Is Mise, Le Meas: The Irish Civil War

15th Feb to 1st Mar 2023


Gallery open 10am — 4pm
Monday & Wednesday to Saturday

Is Mise, Le Meas is an innovative visual media project linked to History, Memory and Legacy, Civil War in Kerry and Beyond: A Centenary Conference. The project is a collaboration between the Animation, Visual Effects and Motion Design students at MTU Kerry Campus and the Learners of the Digital Design and Visual Communication, and the Animation (Creative Media) programme in Kerry College.


The students’ creative responses will be showcased as part of the two-day commemorative conference marking the centenary of the Irish Civil War. The work focuses on creating a set of inspiring visual responses to Civil War narratives, focusing on original documentation and poignant letters sent and received during this tumultuous and formative period in Irish history.


This project has been funded by Student Transitions Fund at MTU Kerry Campus.